Vampire Prosecutor review

Not all vampires stay in the dark. Some, like vampire-turned prosecutor Min Tae Yeon can walk in the sun without a problem. His new powers, mainly seeing the last breathes of the victims, gives him an upper hand at solving crimes. He is a leader of a team in the join Prosecutor and Police Unit. His coworkers are: a newbie prosecutor lady, Yoo Jung In, an old-time detective, Hwang Soon Boom, and a mascot and researcher, Choi Dong Man. Then there is a forensic doctor and a prosecutor chief.

I was bit sceptic (come on, the “vampire” and “prosecutor” didn’t sound well)  when I started watching, but  the series exceeds my expectations. It’s a funny take on a procedural drama.

Currently there are 2 seasons (23 episodes) and no info on season 3. The plotline isn’t finished yet, so be warned before watching.

There is a lot of difference between season 1 and 2. Season 1 looks more artistic. Lots of CG and the refined blood reverse splatting animations… I feel there was much more CG in season 1 than 2. If only they’d stop always showing the sequence when the blood goes through his throat… before he gets a vision. It gets so dull like it was a transformation in magical girls anime… Season 2 is more regular action oriented.

The way it was filmed reminds me of some USA crime/procedural dramas. But I still like the photos and the way the time goes back, when Tae Yoon checks how it got to the death. Slow motion during fights is a bit of cliché already. The music most of the time is Korean.

Main motive in season 1 is “that young girl”, in season 2 it’s “let’s get to the Bad Guy”. Story feels different. In both seasons there isn’t a lot of romance between Tae Yoon and Jung In, which is great. Season 1 is more relaxed, not much blood. It had a rhythm: solving case, going to the court (I really liked that parts, dropped in season 2) and then Tae Yoon enjoying a blood with a friend at his club. Season 2 is darker, more action oriented. We hardly see Tae Yoon drinking blood. I like the change of forensic doctors, which added more depth to the storyline, tho it’s not explained why the change. There are two characters who mainly serves to lighten the mood and give a comical touch to it: Song Boom and Dong Man (the oldest and youngest in team).

Beware, spoilers! The cases are interesting, and can even get a glimpse to Korean culture. What appears there? Shamans and fortune tellers, reality shows, celebrities, film making and models, paedophilia by a priest, school abuse, multiple personalities. Sometimes the plot is easy to predict, sometimes not. I

t made me glued to the screen, despite the flaws. Perhaps because there was lots of action and a little (close to none) romance. Too bad Tae Yoon is not a bad ass, he’s good to the bone guy, tho keeping distance from humans.

My opinion: 8/10.


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