Polacy nie gęsi II summary

I have participated in a book challenge that was promoting reading Polish authors and Polish books. The name was Polacy nie gęsi, already a second edition.

Minimum requirements were reading 12 books by Polish authors. When I started the challenge, I thought it’s not a big deal. In reality, I barely managed to read the minimum number of books. I read way too much books from other countries.

Here is the list of books I read.

  1. Warszawa nieznana by Jerzy Kasprzycki. A short book on history of Warsaw.
  2. Legendy warszawskie by Artur Oppman. Stories and legends from Warsaw.
  3. W dawnych cukierniach i kawiarniach warszawskich  by Wojciech Herbaczyński. A monography of Warsaw sweet shops and coffee shops told like a tale.
  4. Warszawa znana i nieznana by Karolina Beylin. Another book on history of Warsaw.
  5. Solaris by Stanisław Lem. A classic science-fiction book. A book of international fame.
  6. Kongres Futurologiczny. Maska by Stanisław Lem. Other science-fiction stories.
  7. Dzieci Nocy by Witold Jabłoński. Vampires in the future Europe.
  8. Gorące uczynki by Witold Jabłoński. A trip to 80s with the LGBT bohema.
  9. Warszawo, Ty moja Warszawo 1596-1996 by Wiesław Głebocki and Karol Mórawski. A book on history of Warsaw.
  10. Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł. A book on Czech society.
  11. Nomen Omen by Marta Kisiel. An urban fantasy set in Wrocław.
  12. Tłumacząc się z tłumaczenia by Elżbieta Tabakowska. A book on practice of book translations.


I wasn’t too original. The topics were quite limited, unfortunately.

  • Warsaw-related: 5 books.
  • Other non-fiction: 2 books.
  • Science-fiction: 3 books.
  • Urban fantasy: 1 book.
  • LGBT-related: 1 book.

It’s easy to see that I read mainly non-fiction books (7 in total).


I read:

  • 9 books by men (8 different authors).
  • 3 books by women.


The variety isn’t too great. I didn’t specifically chose books for this challenge, and I think you can see it. I’ll try better at the 3rd edition which starts in November. Stay tuned.


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