Thanks to one of the channels of Polish public TV (TVP Kultura) I was able to watch an interesting documentary film on… moustaches.

Comme une envie de moustache (Polish: Era wąsów) is a 2014 Belgian documentary on the history and present of moustaches (mainly in Europe).

About the film

Beneath men’s noses, on key rings and on pendants, the moustache is making a come-back !
Is this a recent revival?
In the form of an investigation, supplemented by numerous testimonies of moustachioed men and hair enthusiasts, as well as many archive images, the director explores the destiny of the moustache.
Titillated by his own urge to wear one, the director proposes a cheerfully quirky look into contemporary masculinity.

My opinion

Could I recommend it? Yes, I could. And I do. Not to the people who are easily offended, tho. Just please be aware that some of the “guests” who are talking on moustaches are crossdressing, talking about gay sex or wearing kinky clothes.

My opinion: 7/10 because the documentary is way too short. 😀


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