A Short Blog Summary

I was reading an article in Polish newspaper on book bloggers. I’m not exactly a book blogger, I write about many things, so I’m doing some check on my posts.

The blog started on 25th February 2013, when I was still in Indonesia.

I wrote my first review in November 2013, already in Poland. It was a review of City Hunter, a Korean drama.

So far the categories for my posts are:

  • books (and comics)
  • films (and TV series)
  • museum
  • music
  • theatre
  • challenges which usually overlap with other categories.

On 134 posts I wrote about:

  • books and comics – 77 times. Including books I haven’t read but which got my attention on fairs.
  • music – 28 times. Including Eurovision and EuroMusic contests.
  • films – 22 times.
  • theatre – 3 times.
  • museums – 1 time. The Long Night of Museums.

That means that I’m mostly book blogger. Can I identify as one?

I’m writing in English about books that I read personally. Whenever I select a book to write a book it’s the book I chose by myself. Nobody gave me a book to review and I never asked for one. I don’t need to maintain any relationship with publishers. Even without them, there are too many books that I still have to read. Some of them are waiting on my shelves, for years.

I write about culture from various countries. Most often I write about these countries:

I had in mind showing the readers of my blog (over 120 followers so far) culture from various countries around the world. I’m bit biased towards Poland (my own country and I’ll keep writing about our culture), Japan and Indonesia (I know these languages, I’ve been there) and I can’t exactly escape USA’s grab (interested in science fiction and fantasy).

Czech is somehow… the result of my challenges and interest in science-fiction. Many of those reviews I wrote were about Czech science-fiction books from 80s that still were in the local library. Yay for libraries. Why such books were published at that time? History and politics played part in that, if you’re interested – search for the answer yourself.

I see it’s time to venture to other countries more. 🙂

I like writing about culture that isn’t translated into other languages. I hope that by doing that I can show others what they miss out and the variety of cultures around the world. At one of the sites, I read a marketing praise of John Green’s book. Supposedly he was the first to write a book about illness and dying for teenagers. That isn’t truth, of course. By writing about those untranslated books, films, etc. I wish to show what’s going out somewhere there. Maybe one day those things will be translated into English or your language.

Thanks for keeping me company, for the discussions and for inspiration.

Why did you decide to follow me? What do you like about the blog? What would you like to read more about?


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