Legend of the Seeker review

On 4th July the Legend of the Seeker has started airing on AXN Black in Poland. It was aired in Poland already in 2009, but I don’t remember watching it. Nor I don’t remember much Terry Goodkind’s”The Sword of Truth” series (except I read it) which was an inspiration for the TV series.

It was advertised as “an awarded fantasy TV series” so I thought I could try it. I watched the first two episodes of season 1 (of 44 episode in 2 seasons).

The plot is simple and so often used: a prophesied hero, living in the dark about his fate, is the only person who can kill the Dark Lord and save the world from his tyranny. That uneducated hero has some loyal companions, including a lady for whom he’s falling in, who will assist him in the battle against the mighty enemy.

I think it’s obvious already that I don’t have this TV series in regard. Music and landscapes are the best things in this series, and it’s not surprising it didn’t get any awards for screenplay or actors.

After first few minutes of the show I was wondering if the producers really think the viewers are that stupid… Missing books on the run and magically appearing when needed, plot holes, clichés, awful and obvious blue box (2008, so what), etc. It didn’t get any better till the end of 2nd episode. The landscapes are really nice to watch, the music is nice, but that’s all. That’s too little to watch this TV series.

My opinion: 2/10.

What’s your opinion on the Legend of the Seeker?


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