On Avangarda 9

Last weekend, on Friday and Saturday (8th and 9th August) I was participating in an RPG (Role Playing Games) convention called “Avangarda”. It was already Avangarda 9.

It was not only about RPG… but I couldn’t attend many activities.

Devi comicsI took part in the convention as a lecturer… A lecturer in the All-About-Asia programme. I had 4 lectures. Continue reading to learn about the Indian superheroes (comics, books, films) and Indonesian comics.

Indian Superheroes

This was an interoduction to the topic of superheroes from India. I talked a bit about the history of superheroes. I also used Shaktimaan (TV series) or Ra.One (film) trailers in the introduction part.

The main titles of my presentation were Devi (superheroine) comics and book titled Turbulence by Samit Basu about superheroes group. I’ll cover both titles here one day… so stay tuned!

Fantastic comic in Indonesia

Fantastic comics in IndonesiaThis was both about fantasy and superheroes comic in Indonesia. I don’t know about any Indonesia-made science-fiction comic, but if you know, please tell me.

It was an introduction, I spoke about history of comics in Indonesia, about the dominance of manga and some other things from my personal experience from living in Solo.

The main comic I spoke about was Garudayana by Is Yuniarto. An Indonesian comic in Japanese manga style heavily referencing to the wayang theatre and thus the Indian culture. Quite a mix, no? It’s very funny comic and I liked it, so you can be sure, I’ll write about it. In the meanwhile you can see the trailer for the comics.


The two other lectures were about the life of a Japanese culture fan in Indonesia, based on my experience… The last was “How to (not) learn foreign languages”. What was surprising to me that most people in the room who learned German didn’t like that language and hardly could speak anything.



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