My July readings

In June, I’ve finished reading only one book – Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł, Polish Czechophile. July was much better for reading. I read or finished reading 6 books, including comics.


  • fantasy/sf – 3 books (1 comic, 1 anthology, 1 novel)
  • based on memories – 2 books.
  • novel – 1 book.


  • India – 2 books (1 comic included).
  • Indonesia – 1 book.
  • Germany – 1 book.
  • Czech/Slovakia – 1 book.
  • Argentina – 1 book.


  • 2 books by ladies.
  • 3 books by gentlemen.
  • 1 anthology with ladies/gentlemen’s stories.

I’m quite happy with the diversity on countries/topics. I don’t care about the author, what’s important for me is the plot and topic.



Devi volume 1A comic on Indian superheroine. Quite interesting in both plot and the superheroine depiction. I’m sick of the made-in-USA-heroes, it’s not my target. Things like “Devi” are more for me. I bought the 2nd volume lately.

Reread. In English.

Turbulence by Samit Basu

Turbulence by Samit BasuOn a flight from London to Mumbai people get the powers of their dreams. How will it end? There is a sequel to the book, published lately, but I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll buy it. In English.

I loved it, and the references to popculture from other countries. Something USA productions lack.

Both titles will be used by me on my lecture on “Indian superheroes” this week on Avangarda 9 convention in Warsaw.


Waktu Aku Sama Mika by Indi

Waktu Aku Sama MikaA book you’ve read about already, either from the quote or from mentioning along the film Mika. All book & film related posts are labelled with Waktu Aku Sama Mika tag. And to think, I just recently read the book but haven’t watched the film.

There’ll be more posts on it, because I liked the story, even if it could be labelled for “young adults”. Read it Indonesian, it was on halt for around 2 months.


Nie mam keine buty by Helga Hirsch

Nie mam keine buty by Helga Hirsch Polish coverI already reviewed the book, so just to sum it up.

It was a great read on a difficult topic related to identity and borders in the post Second World War in Europe. Written by German about Poland, Polish and not.


Cybernetyczne laleczki

Cybernetyczne laleczkiAn anthology of Czech and Slovak science-fiction up to around 80s. A very interesting book. Most are short stories, but there are also fragments of novels.

A book that I recommend, even if you don’t like science-fiction.



The Rats. Shadow Play by Jose Bianco.

Szczury. Przyobleka się w cienie Polish cover

I have already reviewed it. A short book with two good stories. Nothing special to remember after a month has passed. Nothing in there that would make me wanna read it again in the future.


Did you read any of the books? What do you think of them? Or maybe you would like to read one of those books?


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