World Books Challenge Summary

It’s over half a year already since I started the 2014 World Books Challenge. Here is the summary of what I read during January to June, including the books that I’m currently reading.

You can join the challenge at any time and you don’t have to keep the order, just read the books before 31st December 2014.

January 2014

The topic was your own country. For me it’s Poland.

1/2 obligatory books read + 1 bonus book.

February 2014

The topic was neighbours. I could choose from the following countries: Germany, Czech, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania.

  • Non-fiction book written by a person from that country: Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov [Russia]. I have never finished this book, I struggled too much. It was just wrong to read a book written for the USA people who don’t really have a knowledge of Russia, its history, references, etc. when I know many of those.
  • Fiction book set in writer’s country: Adam Kłakocki i jego cienie by Ihar Babkou. [Belarus]
  • Bonus book written by a Polish about neighbouring country: Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł. Read in June.

2/2 books and 1 bonus book.

March 2014

The theme: A to C countries (in their own language). One book had to be written by a woman.

2/2 books + 1 bonus story.

April 2014

The theme: D to F countries. One of the books should be anthology.

  • Denmark/anthology: Opowieści znad Sundu. Danish sea stories. Currently reading.
  • Another D/E/F country: not yet.
  • Bonus book about future: not yet.

1/2 books.

May 2014

The theme: G to I countries. One of the books should be based on/inspired by real events.

  • Indonesia/real: Waktu aku Sama Mika by Indi. Still reading from May on. Reading it in Indonesian.
  • Another G/H/I country: nor yet.
  • Bonus book by South Korean writer: 학교 가는 날 by Song Eon. Currently reading this book in Korean.

1/2 books + 1 bonus book.

June 2014

A book from any of the earlier countries you haven’t read about yet. Earlier rules don’t apply.

1/2 books.

After half of a year of this challenge, I can clearly see I had decided to take on too much  challenges. I read too many books that don’t fit the challenge, which isn’t a bad things, in the end. It’s always best to choose freely what you’d like to read.

I have dropped 1 book, I currently reading 3 more books and finished reading 7 books and 1 short story. Out of 17 books (including the bonus short story). It could be better.

I’ll read all the books, eventually. I still have a lot of time for that. The books here aren’t the best recommendation for international readers as many of them don’t have English translations. Except the March books.

I’m quite happy with the books I read for this challenge. Their topics are usually something different from the usual fantasy/science-fiction books I mainly read.

How is your attempt at this challenge?



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