Summer 2014 Challenges

So much to do during summer, so there will be just one book challenge for July and August. Below are the rules for my two challenges: book and general culture challenge for July and August 2014.

A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge

You can still join the challenge. See the rules of 2014 World Books Challenge.

July & August Rules

Basic Rules

  • Read books from your shelves. Can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.
  • Read one book of your country’s writer.
  • Read one book written by a foreign writer.
  • Don’t reread! Read the books that were standing long on your shelves, without being ever read.

Bonus Rules

  • Read a book in language that is foreign for you.


2014 World Culture Challenge

See the rules of the 2014 World Culture Challenge if you want to join it.

July & August Rules

  1. The theme is geography and travelling.
  2. Choose two of the following activities:
    • Travel to a place you haven’t been before but which somehow connects with culture. It might be in your town, close to your town or further away. It might be a museum, a culture festival, etc.
    • Read a non-fiction book focused on travelling or geography.
    • Watch a non-fiction film/TV series focused on travelling or geography.
    • Go for an exhibition related to travelling or geography.
  3. Write a review about one of those things.
  4. Enjoy yourself!



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