Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht review

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present a great non-fiction book that I would recommend to everybody. If it had English translation… For all the sexist outside  that book was written by a woman.

I picked it up because it was focused on the “borders” topic. And borders were the focus of my March/April World Culture Challenge.  I also chosed it for 2014 Full House Reading Challenge as the “theme/issue you think is important”.

Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht by Helga Hirsch

Nie mam keine buty by Helga Hirsch Polish coverTitle: Nie mam keine buty
Original title: Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht
Author: Helga Hirsch

Originally published in: 2002
Published in Poland: Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2003
ISBN: 978-83-89291-49-3
Pages: 245

About the Author

Helga Hirsch (1948-) is a German political scientist and journalist. In 1988-1994 she was a Warsaw correspondent of “Die Zeit” journal.

About the Book

This book is a record of lives of 8 people, whose experiences, place of live was different, but somehow they are similar. They are similar in their ambiguous identity and history far from stereotypes.

My Opinion

A great book. Those peoples histories, often full of cruelty, are so fascinating to read that despite all the bad things you devour it fast. Please don’t mistake it, it’s highly emotional book, it doesn’t let you stay neutral. You experience an anger, sadness but also the happiness, when you read it.

There is no quote, as the voice of every person is too different. There is author’s introduction, but I think you should read the whole book yourself. That is, if you read in German or Polish.

This is the best book to teach you that you should never ever stereotype each person on account of their religion, nationality, ethnic group, etc. It’s a powerful book.

The book is almost ideal. I’d just prefer to see the photos that are described in one  story and the explanation of the mixed German/Polish language, or what exactly the example sentences mean.

My opinion: 9.5/10


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