Warsaw Participatory Budgeting 2015

Voting on Participatory Budgeting in Warsaw is on the go. It started on 20th June and will take time to 30th June 2014.

I proposed a local event similar to the Books Night – an event called Nocna podróż z książką po świecie (The Night Travel Around the World with a Book) and I’m occupied with promoting it.

The voting will be done by residents of Warsaw, so whoever gets the most people’s votes in each district surely wins. If you live in Warsaw, you can vote on it, if you have friends in Warsaw, you can promote it. Lets have an all-night book event in Warsaw, open to everyone regardless of genres they like, age, (dis)abilities and free.

I’ll try to post on blog when I have time, but worst to come, I’ll be back in July.  The results are on 15th July.


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