New in My Collections (2)

Few months ago I wrote about the books and films that I bought and added to my collections. I got some more books (and a comic) from that time, most bought, but one won.

The books will be ordered by genre: comics, history books and biographies. Most of them are written by ladies, except the comic book and the diary.


Silas Corey

Silas Corey vol 1 Polish coverA spy comic from France, set during the First World War. I wrote about it already when I was commenting on the Warsaw Book Fair 2014. This is the volume 1/2. The second volume is out in Polish already.  This will be a series of 2-volumes stories. Tho there are killings, etc. it’s not violent and can be read by non-adult readers.

History Books

Indonezja – Natalia Laskowska

Indonezja coverA book about Indonesian history written by a lady (for those who pay attention to the author’s sex). First Polish book on Indonesian history, from past to current days (it was published in 2012). The author used also fragments of Indonesian-language press articles. I bought it few days after the first post on my collection’s new additions.

Pamiętnik “Cezara” – Zbigniew Wernic

Pamiętnik "Cezara"Cezar’s Diary, is the meaning of the title. “Cezar” was the nickname of Zbigniew Wernic, a soldier of Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa, AK) who fought with Polish occupants during the Second World War. He died shortly before the Warsaw Uprising, but he left behind his notes, a diary from those times. A diary that was never corrected, once written. Many years ago, a book based on this diary was published, along with the comments of Zbigniew’s brother, family photos etc. This is Pamiętnik “Cezara”. I bought it during the Warsaw Book Fair 2014.


Tekla z Bądarzewskich Baranowska – Beata Michalec

Tekla z Badarzewskich Baranowska coverA book on famous Polish female composer from 19th century: Tekla z Bądarzewskich Baranowska. A composer that is completely forgotten in Poland. She got world fame for her piano composition called “A Maiden’s Prayer” or La prière d’une vierge in French (Polish: Modlitwa dziewicy). This is the first Polish book on her life and works. I bought this one also during the Warsaw Book Fair 2014.

Znaki szczególne – Paulina Wilk

Znaki szczególne coverEnglish title would be “Peculiarities”. It’s a story of growing up during the democratic changes in Poland. A story of living during transformation. She’s from my generation, so I’m interested to compare my own experiences with what she wrote and how she looked at it.

I won this book during one of the Big Book Festival‘s meetings, where I volunteered. I’m not sure if I’ll write about this event yet. It was fun, anyway, and I recommend going next year, if it’ll be held again. It was second time for Big Book Festival this year.


Do I have to write that I didn’t read most of those books yet? I read just the comic. Oh well, one day for sure. 😉 I wonder if I’ll ever learn to read soon books that I bought. Any suggestions on how to learn that? Or do you pile up bought books for the one day in the future reading too?


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