A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge in June

Here are the June rules for the A  to Z 2014 World Books Challenge. Remember, you can join any time, and read the books in any order you like. The June rules are slightly different.

June 2014

Basic Books

Read two books from any countries that were listed in previous months, and you still haven’t read any book from those countries. The monthly rules for selecting the books are not important in this month. You get the free choice, from the selected countries.

Here are the previous monthly rules:

  1. January 2014 challenge.
  2. February 2014 challenge.
  3. March 2014 challenge.
  4. April 2014 challenge.
  5. May 2014 challenge.

Bonus Books

Read a book in your non-native language.


Enjoy reading!


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