My Other Blogs

Dear Readers,

thank you for your support, followings and comments. I’m happy to see that you got interested in my blog. I hope it’s fun for you to read it.

I’d like to introduce you to my two other blogs, which are also – in a way – related to various cultures. Because “culture” is something more than just films, music or books.

Culture is also a daily life. The daily life you can see through the lenses of Dwelling in Here. I write mostly about life in Warsaw, Poland, as I started it after my come back from Indonesia. I had to have something that helped me get accustomed again. It’s called the “reverse cultural shock”.

The other blog is about travels. The Traveller’s Notes is focused on recording my (past, current and future) travels with tips for me (if I want to come back there) and other travellers. The memory can fade, so the Notes are (my) backup. For others to use. It’s better to learn from mistakes of others.

I hope you’ll have fun reading also those blogs. Any suggestions appreciated!


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