Warsaw Book Fair

During 22-25th May 2014 event, Warsaw Book Fair celebrated its fifth anniversary. The even was held in the National Stadium. Before its entrance there were stands with cheap books.

Warsaw Book Fair 2014
Warsaw Book Fair 2014 © Kama

Inside there were many publishers from around the country and some from abroad. There were all kinds of books, from academics to comics.

And it was comics that captured my attention for the most of my visit there. I was just thinking which comic I should buy. And so, I’ll now present the interesting (in my opinion) comics published in Poland.

Continue reading to see my TOP 5 comics from Poland, Ukraine, France, Norway and Japan published in Poland from 2012.



Daogopak 1The first reason to read this comic is that Daogopak got the title of Best Book in 2012 in Ukraine .

It’s an adventure comics with main heroes being Zaporozhian Cossaks. It’s a comic full of references not only to Ukraine but also to other various countries, during the adventure there are Japanese, Muslims, etc. Historical facts doesn’t matter. Two of three books were already published. The comic may seem expensive, but it’s worth, it’s high quality.

This was actually my first choice to buy, but as this was my first stand I stopped by, I wanted to see what other publishers have with them. When I finally came back around 1 hour before the fair ended for this day, the stand was already closed. So in the end I bought another comic in another stand. 😀

There’ll be three volumes, two are already available in Poland, the last one should by December 2014.

More on Daogopak in English.


Silas Corey

Silas Corey vol 1 Polish coverFirst of the two volumes in this France, 1917 (First World War) spy history. Silas Corey, the main character, kinda reminds me of Lupin III. He’s not the good guy, he’s cunning, he is at least double-faced… he is his own ally, using others to get what he wants. Not exactly the way a positive character should be.

It’s the comic I bought in the end, and read already. Luckily the second volume gets published in June 2014.

Why I decided to buy it? Well, the story will be finished soon and we’ll get all the volumes in Polish. I’m not a fan of lengthy stories nor the series cancelled… And I liked the people from Taurus Media (they also published Pssst!). I think I spent most of my time in the comics section talking to them about various comics. They were quite knowledgeable about comics in Poland, explained me some “insider stuff”.  They even suggested me their rival’s comics to read. I’m definitely gonna visit their shop. Especially that several of their comics/series got my attention.


Miasto z widokiem

Miasto z widokiem coverMiasto z widokiem is a stunning history from the times when Gdynia became a city, exactly from 1926 to 1937.

This is a set of five stories with different main characters, who are recurring in the next stories.

One screenwriter (Elżbieta Żukowska) and five graphics, each drawing in a different style, but all the stories are in black&white. The history setting is very detailed and accurate. They even used old weather reports for creating the background.

I recommend it. It’s on my soon-to-buy list.



Pssst! coverPssst! means “silence!” A good title for the series of short stories without words. These tales about life, often ironic, aren’t for children.

Black and white graphic, set in boxes, is making it kinda similar to the comics in newspapers. For lovers of “slice of life” but for adults.


乙嫁語り (Otoyomegatari)

Otoyomegatari Polish cover vol 1Polish version is titled “Opowieści panny młodej“, English – “A Bride’s Story”. I would probably overlook this title if a guy from Taurus Media stand wouldn’t recommend me this manga.

He said “she cooks a soup for 20 pages, hardly anything happens but after you finish it’s ‘WOW!” The manga is labeled as seinen, for men 18-30, but I think he was older, and still enjoyed it. I think it should be interesting for women also.

The story is set in late 19th century in a town near the Caspian Sea (on the Silk Road). A bride comes from afar to live with her groom, 8 years younger. The customs they grew in are different…


Those comics interested me during the Warsaw Book Fair. If you want to know what books I bought (I did, a few) during the fair, please read the New in My Collections (2) post.

Did you go lately to a book fair? Which one? How was it?


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