No USA and UK week 4

I designated May 2014 as a month without USA and UK culture. This way I wanted to protest against the dominance of USA and UK culture. And see if there’s a possibility to run away from that domination.

So here are the 4th weeks’ records, from 19 to 25 May 2014. The records are fragmented, I was too busy to pay attention to write them down. This is what I remembered, mostly European.

Films, TV series

I Watched

  • Flikken Maastricht. Regular TV series in my schedule already. [The Netherlands]
  • Homo Father. A film about two gays who suddenly need to take care of a small child. [Poland]
  • Lieder, Land and Leute. A TV series about German music (local bands) and places in which it flourish. I watched about Austria’s Styria region. In TVS the series is called “Muzyczne podróże”. [Germany/Austria]
  • Secrets in the Dust. Archaeology TV series. [Germany]
  • Shall we dansu? A film about married Japanese man starting learning ballroom dances. [Japan]
  • Spiral ~ suiri no kizuna ~ anime TV series. [Japan]


I Listened to

  • Addis Abeba album by Maleo Reggae Rockers. [Poland]
  • Plug & Play. Number 1 from Poland in EuroMusic Contest 2014. [Poland]


I Read

  • Silas Corey: Le réseau Aquila volume 1. A detective/spy comic set in France During the First World War. [France]

Currently Reading

  • Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov. [Russia] I read Polish version “Wykłady o literaturze rosyjskiej”.
  • Waktu Aku Sama Mika by Indi. [Indonesia.] The book is in Indonesian only.
  • Cybernetyczne laleczki, SF anthology. [Slovakia & Czech]


I saw following exhibitions.

  • Po prostu męża mi brakuje by Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska. Photos of widows. The Polish title means “I just miss my husband”. A gallery in the Old Town in Warsaw (Stara Prochownia). Until 1st June 2014. [Poland]
  • Świat w ilustracji dziecięcej by Anna Kacprzak. Colourful illustrations in Galeria Brzozowa in Warsaw Old Town. Until 8th June. [Poland]




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