No USA and UK week 3

I designated May 2014 my month without USA and UK culture. It’s already third week, and it’s getting more and more fun.

During third week (12-18 May 2014) there was the Long Night of the Museums in Warsaw. Lot of possibilities to see the various cultures in museums or take part in other cultural activities.

Films, TV series

I’m still watching only selected channels and very selected programmes. I started watching  historical programmes on Polsat Viasat History (Swedish channel) when I learnt many series are produced outside USA and UK.

I watched

  • Journey’s End. Documentary TV series on Icelandic sagas. [Iceland]
  • Secrets in the Dust. Archaeology TV series. [Germany]
  • Flikken Maastricht. This TV series became my regular. [The Netherlands]
  • Pustki‘s concert [Poland]. TVP Kultura.
  • Polish music videos on Kino Polska Muzyka.
  • Spiral ~suiri no kizuna ~ ep 1. [Japan]


I listened to

  • Gillespie. One of # 1 in EuroMusic Contest 2014. [Albania]
  • Sajkodog. One of #1 in EuroMusic Contest 2014. [Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  • Tomas Kocko & ORCHESTR. One of #2 in EMC2014 with… ZERO votes. 😀 [Czech]
  • FarjaWays. The only one artist from Slovakia and #1 with just 1 vote. [Slovakia]
  • Patricia Lomako. One of number #3 artist in EMC. Pop. [Latvia]
  • Evestus. One of #5 artists in EMC. [Estonia]
  • Elysian Gates. One of #4 artists in EMC. [Luxembourg]
  • Lost in Pain. One of #2 artists in EMC. [Luxembourg]
  • Buck-Tick – Catalogue 1987-1995 CD. [Japan].
  • Jambinai. [South Korea]


Finished Reading

  • Józef Mak by Jozef Ciger Hronsky. [Slovakia]
  • Icelandic poems in Polish translations. ORT Project. [Iceland]

Currently Reading

  • Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov. [Russia] I read Polish version “Wykłady o literaturze rosyjskiej”.
  • Waktu Aku Sama Mika by Indi. [Indonesia.] The book is in Indonesian only.
  • Cybernetyczne laleczki, SF anthology. [Slovakia & Czech]


It is only a bit related to the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw.

I enjoyed the followed exhibitions:

  • Art Nouveau Architecture: Riga. Warsaw University’s Library (BUW).[Latvia]
  • Biało-czerwona w błękitach. (White & Red in blue). White & Red ale colours of Polish flag. Blue refers to sky. The photos are about flying under Polish flag (machines & people). It’s currently exhibited near Hotel Bristol in Warsaw.
  • Polish Poster Gallery. BUW. [Poland.]
  • The Ordinary Year of 1934. Warsaw. Photos by the Dutch photographer Willem van de Poll. It’s currently exhibited near Hotel Bristol in Warsaw. [Poland]


I didn’t watch/listen to anything related to USA or UK culture.


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