On EuroMusic and Eurovision 2014

EuroMusic Contest 2014 and Eurovision 2014 should be not a new topic for those who follow and read my blog regularly (thank you!).

With this summary I’ll end the topic of Eurovision 2014, which had its grand final on 10th May 2014. EuroMusic will have a final on 30 June, so until the beginning of July you can be sure I’ll still write about it.

It’ll be a really long post, but with some music and videos as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen… let’s start.


EuroMusic Contest 2014

The number one artist from all 40 countries was Daniel Kajmakoski from Macedonia. He got over 11.000 votes from public.

Eurovision 2014

Number one is Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst with a song “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Voted the best by both public and juries.


EuroMusic Contest 2014

40 countries presenting unlimited number of artists from each country (in reality: hundreds) who decided to join, singing thousands of songs.

The artists decide by themselves if they want to participate.

The strongest and the weakest part of EMC are the artists. Everybody who registered themselves automatically appears on the pages, even with no music uploaded.  Sorry, as a listener  I want to only hear the music. The artist pages should be only made visible after the admins approve them. And that should happen only after they uploaded music in accordance with the rules.

The way it’s now  it’s impossible to listen to all of them.  Here is another artist – Denmark’s # 1 – Phillip Halloun.

Eurovision 2014

It’s a show of public TV stations which are active members of European Broadcasting Union and decide to participate in the contest.

The public in those countries has no guaranteed say at all if the “country” will participate or who will perform on behalf of the country. For example this year Polish TVP selected on their own a representative, based on unknown rules.

Every country is represented by 1 artist singing 1 song. This year it was 37 songs (countries). Five countries and the hosting country are guaranteed places in the final. Sic!


EuroMusic Contest 2014

The idea of people from different countries voting for artists from all of the participating countries is very appealing. Until you realise that there is no choice to listen to all of the artists and choose it fairly.

You’ll probably miss more artists than listen to. It should work better for bands or artists with strong fan community.

And there is not even a chance to limit the bands to vote on based on your favourite genre. Only country. Good luck wasting time, I missed quite a lot of good artists (and I couldn’t support them with my votes) because I couldn’t afford enough time to find them.

Public will decide on bests artists from 40 countries each, and then jury will select the best 10 out of them. They’ll perform on 30 June.

To become #1 in given country sometimes it was enough to just register and upload. Slovakia’s number 1 had no rivals and just 1 vote to be labelled as “Number 1 in Slovakia”. Nonetheless it’s a good singer, but I pity her.

There should be somehow a showcase of countries with small number of votes so things like those don’t happen again.

Eurovision 2014

Europeans from various countries (50% for public and 50% for professional jury) can vote on chosen artists. The semi-final is divided into 2 parts, where only selected countries can vote in each part. Twenty of songs are selected for the final and added 6 more songs from those “guaranteed finalists”.

At least in the final people from the countries taking part in the contest can vote.

Voting, no matter how is the system, is always the weakest part of the show. Regional sympathies play a big role in that. And there is a controversy for the jury and public votes.

Each country votes for 10 songs rated 1 to 12 (8, 10, 12 being the highest). The songs that were voted high by public can get no points at all if the jury didn’t like it. And vice versa. In the end the most important is who will get the most points.

Final Remarks

EuroMusic Contest 2014

I hoped to discover a variety of European artists with EMC2014. Unfortunately, Jamendo is much better at those things, even if the number of artists is much, much higher.  If only EMC could moderate the entrants from showing before there is music and let us select artists by genre too. It’s kinda funny that on hover there was location visible instead of genre.

We still don’t know who will be the 10 best artists that will perform in Paris on 30 June. I hope we get to know it soon.

Almost 30 countries got artists who got over 1.000 votes. That’s still a lot of music to listen to.

Btw, next week you can expect a post with lots of artists who participated in EMC 2014. Those who got #1 in their countries, and those who didn’t.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you now Austria’s # 1 in EMC – Tom Joyce with his piano music.

Eurovision 2014

Eurovision is a TV show and Eurovision 2014 definitely was a great show. Congratulations, Denmark!

I loved how the hosts tried to unite Europe. For example with the virtual choir with internet singers and dancers from various countries (fans).

More things like that, please!

The gags of “guided tour in Copenhagen” and “Eurovision museum” were great.

I liked the winks to Eurovision fans outside Europe. The Australian gag was fabulous.

There was too much of the China-related winks in my opinion. One or two would be enough, but not so much. Why not wink to other countries, also those European but not participating? Shame on you, Pilou!

Both shows are great and I can’t decide on which is better. Obviously, my heart is bit skewed in EuroMusic Contest’s direction, for the big possibilities of hearing various artists from around Europe. Unfortunately, only possibilities. A TV show of Eurovision is a great show, so different in atmosphere. And so far it makes a better opportunity to unite Europeans.

Did you watch Eurovision? Did you vote in the EuroMusic Contest 2014? What are your opinions on those contests?


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