Eurovision 2014 final

I wanted to write a post commenting all the final songs in Eurovision, but ummm…. I got too hooked in and commenting with friends on Facebook, etc.

Below I’ll present my TOP 10, based on the fun factor, and my own taste. My opinion was also influenced by the lyrics or by the language of the song. Montenegro stayed till the end in my TOP 10, because I applaud so rare (on Eurovision) singing in his native language. The order is based on alphabet, not the exact grades. And after that I’ll write the official TOP 10.

My TOP 10 Eurovision 2014


Aram MP3 – Not Alone


Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix


Dilara Kazimova – Start a Fire


Basim – Cliche Love Song


Pollapönk – No Prejudice


Sergej Ćetković – Moj Svijet


Tinkara Kovač – Round and round


Sanna Nielsen – Undo


Sebalter – Hunter of Stars

Official TOP 10 Eurovision 2014


Conchita Wurst won with 290 points. This time I voted on Austria.

The Netherlands

Second place with 238 points. I dislike the country music, so they didn’t capture my heart.


218 points. Don’t undo her after the contest.


174 points. Aram MP3 is definitely not alone!


143 points. Run, Forrest, Run!


113 points. I wonder how much the votes reflects the political support.


89 points. The public in Copenhagen didn’t boo on artists (luckily) but there was booing whenever any country decided to give them high notes. Definitely political. I’m not sure I like it.


88 points. Tho it never got to my TOP 10, I enjoyed this song. So here, a special treat.


Only 74 points this year and 9th place.


Also 74 points. The song put me off.

That concludes the TOP 10. Only 5 of my songs got into it, tho more songs I supported along the way.

Btw, Poland got 14th place in the end.

Who did you vote? Did you enjoy the contest? Do you like the songs?


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