Eurovision 2014 2nd semi-final

On Thursday, 8th May 2014 there was a second semi-final of the Eurovision contest. 15 contestants, 10 went on to the Saturday’s final.

On Tuesday, 6th May 2014, 7 of the songs I counted on went to the final. On Thursday, 6 of my chosen songs went to the final. Including the song that I voted on.

My 6 songs in final


Firelight – Coming Home


Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix


Softengine – Something Better


Sebalter – Hunter of Stars

I voted for them!


Tinkara Kovač – Round and round


Paula Seling & OVI – Miracle

The other 4


Mei Finegold – Same Heart


The Shin and Mariko – Three Minutes to Earth


Vilija Matačiūnaitė – Attention


Can-Linn (ft. Kasey Smith) – Heartbeat

All the rest

Polish song  of Donatan & Cleo – My Słowianie – We Are Slavic got to the final. I’m Polish, I should be happy, right? I’m not… see a video.

However they’re trying to explain “it’s just a joke” and “it’s a laugh on stereotypes of Polish” I can’t just accept that. They are rather further spreading the stereotypes. I wouldn’t vote for them even if I could. What do you think about this song and music video?

The others that got to the Saturday final: Norway, Greece and Belarus.

The unmentioned yet: Macedonia. Definitely the worst song (singer) in this semi-final.


Did the song you vote for got to the Saturday final? Who did you vote for? Do you have your Saturday favourite or not yet?



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