No USA and UK week 1

On 1st May I started the May 2014 without USA and UK culture challenge. This is my protest against the domination of USA/UK culture in the global world.

Just 30 minutes in a shopping centre (Warsaw) is enough to hear few songs by USA/UK artists. I wonder how long it takes in USA or UK. 😉

A better example. I browsed (yikes, I shouldn’t have done that, crack on my challenge) a book by a Polish person, who made a book re-making the well-known films/scenes into children-roles. Kid Star Wars, Wolverine, Neo from Matrix, Braveheart, etc. And only one Polish film among them. Ouch.

In this post I will share with you what I watched, read, listen to during 1 to 4 May. Every May Monday will be special post summing up the whole week. On 2nd June, Monday, there will be a post summing up whole month.

Of course the idea “without USA and UK culture” doesn’t mean I’ll be writing only about Polish culture. It’ll still be a culture from around the world.

Films, TV series


The toughest part. Even public Polish TV often airs USA/UK films, TV series, etc. In my cable TV and public Polish TV there are very few thematic channels that are Polish programmes-only.  Majority of Polish channels have mixed culture programmes, USA and UK included. Sigh.

TVP Seriale (TV series only) airs several only (from what I have seen) and the same TV series. Either very classic (when will they have enough?!) or if newer, then they are repeated from over various TVP channels. I heard that one of its series “Ranczo“, original Polish TV series is  good, but watching it from 8th series is not the best idea. I can’t watch it online either, because PUBLIC TV didn’t bother making online VOD working on Linux, which I use.

There are also other Polish-only channels: Kino Polska (Polish films) and Kino Polska Muzyka (Polish music).

In the Cable TV there are lots of USA/UK channels, just to mention 13th Street, BBC, Discovery, AXN. Polish versions of those programmes usually only provide Polish-translated programmes, usually there aren’t  (afaik) any  programmes made in Poland.

No channel airing European-only, Asian-only, African-only programmes, afaik. Luckily Smart TV in my Sony TV offers channels (applications) like: Asian Crush (only Asian films, with English subs), some Polish VOD portals.

I watched

  • Operation Collection (Polish title: Komornik), Russia. A real-life documentary about bailiffs. Aired on TTV channel. I learned that bailiffs when collecting the debt/goods are accompanied by several civilian witnesses.
  • Amjad Sabri & Brothers. Warsaw concert of Pakistanian musicians performing Qawwali songs. It aired long time ago in TVP Kultura, but I had recorded it back then and watched now.
  • Polish music videos from 80s to today. TV channel: Kino Polska Muzyka.
  • A concert by Mozdzer Danielsson Fresco with music from the “Polska” album. TVP 2. Recorded lately. [Poland, Sweden, Israel]
  • “Za zasługi dla Polski i Polaków za granicami” was an official event awarding the people who promote Poland and nurture Polish culture abroad.  TVP1.
  • Kogiel mogiel. Classic Polish film from the end of 80s.



There are two ways to listen to radio: a regular station or internet-only station. The regular one airing only Polish music is Radio Wawa. Examples of Polish only online radio channels are: Polska Stacja (selected stations) or Eska Rock Polska. Among theme programmes of Polska Stacja there are also French and Bollywood music.

Polskie Radio (Public Polish Radio) airs also in the internet. If you want, you can listen to original Polish programmes, but you can also use foreign-language versions (Belorussian, English, German, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian), with selected programmes. Also USA/UK artists depending on programme.

I listened to

  • Princes Princess and T-Bolan singles I bought in Shimonoseki. Japan.
  • Źródła (Polish for: Sources). A radio programme on folk songs. Aired in Dwójka (Polish Radio Second Channel).
  • European artists taking part in EuroMusic Contest 2014.
  • Yuna, Malaysian singer. I think she is becoming a regular artist for me, so you can expect more posts with her music.
  • Bollywood music aired in Polska Stacja.
  • Aleksandr Lokaychuk. [Russia]. Jamendo‘s artist.


The only place where you won’t find USA/UK culture by accident. Unless you want to read an anthology of fantasy/science-fiction.

I finished reading

  • Jak oswoić czarownicę by Wiera Badalska. Polish book for children. I got it on graduating kindergarten. Oh memories… 😉
  • Kogutek by Irina Tokmakowa. Another Polish book for children. my mother’s book (got it as a child) which I read to my friend’s children.

Currently reading

  • Józef Mak by Jozef Ciger Hronsky. [Slovakia]
  • Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov. [Russia] I read Polish version “Wykłady o literaturze rosyjskiej”.
  • The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector. [Brasil] I read Polish version “Godzina gwiazdy”. So far (half the book already) I love it. 🙂

 What I missed

  • Reading fantasy/sf “international” anthology.
  • Watching few films, including those co-produced by USA.
  • Listening to a regular radio station. Sometimes I do.
  • Watching modern music oriented TV channels. Sometimes I do.

Got owned

  • USA/UK music in shopping malls
  • Browsing (mostly pictures) a book which in the end was dominated by USA films.
  • Bonanza theme (possibly something else too) in the event awarding Polish promoting Poland abroad. 😉

It’ll get better soon. I hope. 😉

How big is the USA/UK culture share in your own country? Excluding USA/UK of course. 😉 Could you do that?


4 thoughts on “No USA and UK week 1”

  1. This left me wondering… I could probably last a day, maybe two without UK and US cultural products. I could do a Japanese month 🙂

      1. I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture for a while. I’ve finished a Japanese Language course (VERY elementary) and I would like to learn and explore more. But I’m still thinking about expanding this cultural diversification thing you’ve inspired me to think about.

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