May 2014 special challenge

Welcome to 1st May, 2014. It’s a holiday (free day) in Poland, for it’s Labour Day.

This day marks my special monthly challenge “May 2014 without USA and UK“. During this month I won’t read/watch/listen to books/films/music made in USA/UK or by USA/UK artists. This means for example I won’t watch for the whole month my regular  TV series.

At first I still planned to write reviews of things I watched earlier. I decided against it in the end. So no review of “John Dies at the End” (book) any time soon. Sorry. The only exception will be my bimonthly “Ladies vs Gentlemen fight” post.

Once a week (starting with the next week) I’ll post a summary of how I’m doing and what I’m doing.  I plan to post about Polish events (awards) too.

Currently I’m reading “Jozef Mak” a book by famous Slovak writer Jozef Cíger-Hronský.


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