Ladies vs Gentlemen fight 2

Two months ago I wrote my first summary of #readingwomen2014 in January and February. Actually it was also a summary of my own action of #diversereading2014 in which I try to broaden my horizons.

March and April 2014 weren’t as plentiful in reading books as earlier months. I had clearly less time for reading. I was also finishing some challenges and reading the books I borrowed from library a long time ago. I had read some comics, but like last time I’m not using them in my lists.

I’m not too satisfied with my selection of books. Except one book (varsaviana) all are fiction.

Continue reading to see the summary.


I finished reading 6 books, 2 by woman (one author’s series). Can I repent the lack of diversity by buying from the beginning of  this year (but in March/April 2014) 4 books, all by women? 😉 Two fiction, one about Asian cuisine (mostly recipes) and one about Indonesia’s history.

Again, the best books this time were written by men too. Europeans.   Book titled “John Dies at the End” sometimes is even worse than Vatta’s War.

I know buying and reading Vatta’s War wasn’t the best idea. But I wanted to read a new female sf author, and her books got good reviews on Goodreads. It was one of the choices a bookseller showed me. I did that for the sake of reading a female (sf) author disregarding one of my per-requisites: the book was supposed to be about adult people (not young/new adult), those already “set in the adult world”. I guess serve me right for not sticking to my requirements.


Country-wise, my books in March and April 2014:

  • Czech (2)
  • Poland (1)
  • USA (3)

I have reviewed almost all of the books:

No review for the book “John Dies at the End” by David Wong. Yet. The review will be in June because this month is May 2014 without USA and UK culture.

The themes and topics aren’t too broad. I’m quite satisfied I got to read Czech writer’s books again. It’s been years already after I read Czech author last time (Miroslav Žamboch). Both books were originally selected for the What’s in a Name 2014 challenge. I got them from the library shelf. Actually “John Dies at the End” I also picked up to read for the Name challenge, but I had no time in the end.

I often read varsaviana books, non-fiction books about my hometown, Warsaw. I don’t plan to stop it. No, I’ll probably stick to reading them a lot. Even if it means, I won’t have as much time as I could to read more diverse books. That’s my local patriotism.

The End…?

I think I reached the point where I won’t be looking at the sex of the author. Again. Trying to read more women writers just because they’re women is a pure nonsense. I felt much better when I didn’t pay attention to such things. I’ll stick to reading books which interest me. That means also reading books by women writers, if I feel they’re interesting enough. I’m not gonna compromise for the sake of anything nor anybody.

You can (I definitely do) put the blame on Elizabeth Moon’s books. Tho Hearthland and Zaremba… weren’t masterpieces, they didn’t give me moral hangover like the Vatta’s War two volumes. That hangover still lingers after reading the books in beginning of March. I still plan to finish the series, tho. Or maybe because of this. So I can forget the series etc. Call me a masochist. 😉 I want to have a “clear conscience”.

There is no use to try #readwomen2014. I’ll read them anyway, on my own terms, even if it means most of the books I read will be written by men. I’ll read Hilary Mantel’s books, which I got recommended on Twitter. In June, the earliest as I try to enjoy May 2014 as a month without USA & UK culture. I find the dominance of USA and UK culture much more troubling than not reading books balanced by the writer’s gender. Which, in the case of men and women would be 33% not 50%.


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