Psycho le Cemu

Years ago there was a band in Japan that especially catered to my geeky tastes. The fun, the costumes (and roles) and the plot-centred music videos made me fond of them. I’m  RPG fan & player after all.  The band was called サイコ・ル・シェイム or Psycho le Cemu. I loved those crazy people. Was it just a coincidence they had the “psychole” (crazy people in Polish) part in their name?

Psycho le Cemu

The band members were: Daishi (vocals), Aya (guitar, dance), Lida (lead guitar), Seek (bass), Yura-sama (drums, vocals, dance).  In the music videos they usually played: the hero; the girl; sidekick; monster; warrior/mystic respectively.

Continue reading to see the music videos I selected. My three favourite.

Probably my favourite song/music video is 道の空 (Michi no Sora).

Followed by 激愛メリーゴーランド (Gekiai Merry Go Round)


and 夢風車 (Yume Kazaguruma)

It’s hard to decide as there were lots of great songs.

The type of dance they’re performing in their videos is called parapara. It was important part of their videos so they took time to explain their fans how to dance it. Like here for the Gekiai Merry Go Round song.

 Do you like Psycho le Cemu’s songs? What do you think of them?


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