Czech books reviews

It’s a long due review. I finished reading both books I’ll review today in March. Both authors are modern Czech writers, but the topics differ greatly – from science fiction to satire on Czech society.

Both books were read for the What’s in a Name 2014 Challenge and will take part in the Full House challenge. Additionally, Miroslav Kapek’s book is fulfilling the requirements for New Authors 2014  and for the Around the World in 12 books challenges.

Minehava for the Second Time – Josef Nesvadba

Polish cover of Josef Nesvadba's Minehava for the Second TimeI’ve read it in Polish translation as “Drugie wcielenie Minehawy” published in Poland in 1988 (originally – 1981). Author uses his experience as a psychiatrist to portrait doctors, their patients… and machines which supposedly should help the patients.

It’s a great book, and I could recommend it to people regardless of their favourite genre. It mixes themes and genres well.

My opinion: 9/10.

S Elvírou v lázních – Miroslav Kapek

Z Elwirą u wód - Miroslav KapekI read it under its Polish title “Z Elwirą u wód“. The book was published in Poland in 1978 (originally – 1972).

The main setting for this satire is one of the Czech sanatoriums, where the main hero, Borzysław, instead of recovering is having adventures, day by day. The stay was supposed to be also a run-away from his fiancee Elwira… but her arrival isn’t the worst thing that can happen to him!

Even tho I haven’t understood all the connotations in this book (which are plenty) it still was a great read often making me laugh. Lots of laugh. Be careful where you read!

My opinion: 10/10.

Around the World in 12 Books 2014 Challenge

Book 4/12.

Did you read any of the books? What do you think?


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