Music and Locations

My friend Ann posted on her blog list of songs that remind her of various locations. Interesting idea, and I liked it so I decided to put up my own version. music reminding me of locations in three countries: Poland, Japan and Indonesia. Beware, it’ll be quite long.

I’m curious what songs/artists reminds you of places. Share with me in the comments.



T. Love – Warszawa

This MV is just a music with photos of Warsaw, it’s not original MV. One of the “classic songs about Warsaw”, tho released in 1991.

Nie masz cwaniaka nad warszawiaka

It’s the classic song in Warsaw, and had many arrangements. The one that was very popular in the past years was Projekt Warszawiak’s arrangement, as seen below.  I used it sometimes in Indonesia while talking about my hometown.


Village People – YMCA

Because I spent a lot of time in Łódź’s YMCA club, where in the basement was my RPG club. At some point of my time, I mostly played RPG in Łódź team despite being from Warsaw. Countless weekends spent there. Only 2 hours by train.



It brings memories from almost 20 years ago. The text in this one isn’t too ambitious, he just wants to have a sex with a girl. 😉 He was really popular back then, even in other cities, and lots of teenagers (me included) listened to his songs. Around that time I met people from Kielce too, and we listened  his songs together.

Surprisingly this is the only artist in this list whose songs were part of my life during the time they were released.



For my whole trip in 2011, it’s definitely a band called AKB48.

Almost a month before my arrival they released single “Flying High“.

AKB48 banners in Okayama, September 2011But actually a song doesn’t matter, it’s just the band in general that reminds me of that trip. The ads of AKB were in various towns through Japan, like Okayama in this photo. And also I fell in love with Akihabara (a district in Tokyo), their home location, where they perform.

No, at that time I didn’t decide to go see their performance. Maybe next time. But some time after my come back to Poland I bought their album ここにいたこと (Koko ni ita koto).


On my trip I visited also Shimonoseki, known to lovers of Japanese history for the Dannoura battle. In there I visited also a cheap books/music store. One of the CDs I bought was a single of girlsband called “Princess Princess”.

Princess Princess – Sayonara Darling

First song in video is “Diamonds”, second – Sayonara Darling is from 6:15. Sayonara Darling is also a second song on the single. 😉

Why Princess Princess? I’m not sure, maybe because I was with my friend Noriko at that time and it’s the only all-girls band that I bought.


ネーネーズ (Nenes)

I haven’t been to Okinawa yet, but I fell in love years ago with that place.  Tho a lot of popular musicians are from Okinawa, like Amuro Namie, Gackt, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear about “Okinawan musicians” is always Nenes. They perform traditional Okinawan music.




Tho gamelan music is a part of tradition in both Java and Bali, when I hear gamelan, I already connect it to the Javanese gamelan, which I heard frequently over the year I spent in Java and fell in love with it.

You might find the sound “disturbing” at first because of the pitch and loudness.

It’s really pleasant later on… and a great aid in insomnia or a way to get a good sleep. I’m saying from my own experience.

P.S. The video is from the mass in which I participated. 😉 More info on YouTube.


Since I lived in Solo (Surakarta) for quite a long time, of course there are many songs that remind me of that place and things that happened there.

Ayu Ting Ting – Alamat Palsu

It reminds me of my classes in university (UNS). We were learning  language also using some songs. Somehow this one stuck.

Ayu Ting Ting is a dangdut singer, but I’m not really a fan of this music. Dangdut songs usually remind me of travelling in (long distance) buses across Java, as  the bus drivers usually listened to this music or played the karaoke/live records in the bus TV. When you have to listen to the same songs for hours in a row, you get easily bored.


Makam is a black metal band from Solo.

But I’ll remember them because they took part in Rock in Solo 2012 festival, which as name suggest was metal music festival. They performed a song accompanied by gamelan, traditional Javanese instruments. As you can see below, from my own video.


No exact song, but the band reminds me of karaoke places in Solo. I first heard their songs when my friend decided to sing one of them.

Geisha and karaoke, it’s so closely connected that I bought their karaoke VCD in Indonesia. 😀

Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo is a classic (1940) song from Solo, in keroncong style.

It’s worth mentioning that Polish version of this song “Kiedy Allach szedł” (When Allah was walking) sang by Violetta Villas got a recognition and even media coverage in Indonesia in 2013. After over 50 years from the song’s release. 😉

I’m not into Violetta Villas, so until my Indonesian friend shown me an article from Indonesian newspaper, I didn’t even know about it. 😀

Zbigniew Preisner/Leszek Możdżer – A Good Night Melody

Are you surprised seeing Polish melody to remind me of Solo, Indonesia? If you read Remembering 2013, you might remember I wrote about my & my friends show for the UNS Cultural Night 2012. I wrote about the performance, about the poems but I didn’t write about the background music we selected. It was this melody.

MahaDewa – Cinta Itu Buta

I already write once in my post Remembering 2013 that I went to a concert of MahaDewa in Solo. This was one of the songs they played.



Kotak is a band from Jakarta. This was one of my first bands I got to know, even before the arrival to Jakarta, and it accompanied me during my stay in Indonesia from the beginning.



JKT48 is one of many sister bands to AKB48, but  from overseas – Jakarta. Why then I mention another city, Jogja (Yogyakarta) which is around 450 km from Jakarta?

I first heard of JKT48 on Mangafest 2012, which was in Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta. There were many fans of this band, including the creepy males you wouldn’t like to be around. Scary! But maybe if not for the creepy fans, I’d just forget about these copycats. Tho I might like the original AKB48 hearing the same songs in another language is a big put off.

Btw, I digged into this band more for the sake of this post, I don’t listen to them. But I mentioned AKB48 and JKT48 kinda popped up in my memory, and then the Mangafest in Jogja.

What songs/artists remind you of places?


5 thoughts on “Music and Locations”

  1. Lviv:

    The song, best performed by my grandpa, has been ‘hallmarking’ my family reunions ever since I can remember.

    Greetings from Racibórz !

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