Vatta’s War first review

I visited Warsaw’s bookshops in March 2014. As you may remember, I bought two books (part of series) by Elizabeth Moon. The first book can be used for the New Authors Reading Challenge 2014.

Please beware, in this review there will be spoilers, tho nothing extra ordinary or too surprising!

Vatta’s War

Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Daner - Polish coverThis series is called Vatta’s War, and the books are: Trading in Danger (volume 1) and Marque and Reprisal (volume 2).

I bought Polish version (respectively: Handel w zagrożeniu i Prawo odwetu), which in the end made things complicated. Because only 3 of 5 volumes were published in Poland, in Polish language. The other two I’ll need to read in English, after going to the library in the other end of the city. And there is no direct Elizabeth Moon's Marque and Reprisal Polish coverconnection, so I’m being lazy, and will be lazy at least until June 2014. Why? Because I decided to have May 2014 without USA and UK culture, and Elizabeth Moon is USA writer.

The story revolves around Kylara Vatta, a young and problematic daughter of merchant family well known through the space exiled from Military Academy. Her first mission is to scrap an old cargo ship. She can’t do it the easy way, of course.

Continue reading to see my opinion.

My Opinion

It would be much better if instead of series it would be only 1 volume book. If you read just 1 book, it’s enough and okay. You won’t be missing out too much, judging by the second book. Moreover you’ll not read a crappy romantic plot in the military sf. And you won’t bother to think how a pet could survive in the space(ship), moreover in the vacuum.

The style isn’t great, the plot is often cliché and too long, the main character is not consistent, others are just like a background, the scenes are often making you “WTF?!” (how possible is it to be suddenly rescued by a person you haven’t seen for years, your ex-lover, who shouldn’t even be there?), and generally the book often requires  suspension of disbelief from you. I guess former marine should stick to other kind of jobs. 😉

Will I read the other volumes? Yes, I’ll finish it, that’s all. I don’t expect too much from it. Nor should you.

My opinion after 2 volumes: 3/10.


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