EuroMusic Contest 2014

When I visited Jamendo website last time, there was a notification of online European contest.

EuroMusic Contest 2014 is something different from the Eurovision, if you’re familiar with the latter.

It’s a contest for emerging artists from various European countries, to shine… I like the idea because it’s easier for the people in other countries to see the music variety and artists from across the Europe. The Eurovision contest gives only the chance to see one selected artist from other countries. And sometimes some countries don’t participate in it, because it’s an expensive festival. Here, everything depends on the artists and their fans.

The artists come from 40 countries, from Albania to United Kingdom. Internet users will vote for the best artists from each country, and then the jury will select 10 finalists. The final concert will be held in Paris, on 30 June 2014. There will be a streaming also, if you can’t join the concert.

Of course Polish artists are also taking part in the contest. Try it out. I already voted on one of the artists, but I’ll try also listening to others. Through May, coincidentally with my May 2014 without USA and UK culture, I’ll surely select my favourite musicians from across Europe.

A person can vote once a day, until 10 May. But I’m not sure if it’s Europe only. Can one of my non-European readers confirm IP limitation?

My European readers, do you take part in the voting? Who did you vote for?


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