Jamendo is one of my basic sources to get music. It’s Europe-based portal which gives the access to free legal music under the Creative Commons license. If you’re an individual user and want to download the music, you can do it for free without registration. If you like the songs of the artist, you can make a donation, but you need to be registered then. Registration allows you to make your own playlists.

If you have a shop or want to commercially use the music, you can do so. It’s possible with the Jamendo PRO licence.

Another feature of Jamendo are the Radio channels. You can listen to music grouped by genre.

Not sure what to listen to? Would you like to discover new artists? It’s easy with the Discover function divided into four groups: most popular (based on rating), most listened, most downloaded and latests releases. If you’d like to listen to a specific genre, an artist from specific country or singing in specific language, you can do this too with the Search function.

Jamendo is avalaible in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish. Those languages work for the Jamendo forums as well.

On the day I wrote this post, the three most popular songs were:

  1. Divergence (Remastered VIP) by TheBlackParrot. [USA]
  2. Engine by InShape. [France]
  3. Awakening by Anne Davies. [USA]

I like the “Engine” the best (I voted on it of course), tho “Divergence” is also good. Which of these songs is your favourite?

Do you use Jamendo? Who is your favourite artist?


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