Short reviews of comics

I’ve read quite a lot of comics, but so far I didn’t really review them. This time I’ll change it, with a review of 3 comics of different genres and themes by artists from China, Japan and South Korea.


Feng Shen Ji by Zheng Jian He

Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji (封神記) is a story of the Shang dynasty rebelling against Gods’ (Heaven’s) will. The Gods exist and are powerful, powerful enough to enforce their rules on people. They have many enemies, and not all of the people are blindly following their cruel rule.

I have currently read 2 seasons, and the comic is still ongoing. The plot doesn’t feel forced, tho makes you chuckle sometimes. People die, make mistakes etc. There is a lot of blood, action, but also intrigues and politics.

The whole comic is in colour, the graphic is artistic and there is no escessive nudity (if there was nudity at all, I don’t remember). I’ve been reading it for months (over 100 chapters so far), so please excuse me mistakes, if they are any. I like these better than any of the Naruto, Dragon Ball etc. More mature and grave.

My opinion: 9/10.


Ai naki kekkon by Ayako Shibata

Ai naki kekkon coverAi naki kekkon is a manga adaptation of a romance story “Marriage Without Love” by Penny Jordan.

This comic is the best example of a bad adaptation (everything happens so quickly) and an example of a really bad plot. The main heroine probably plans to become a martyr because she marries a manipulative and abusive man. And suddenly her hate becomes love just because mother-in-law tells her how pitiful her husband was when they parted few years ago. And everything ends happily, because the hate they had for each other is easily overcomed through talking, just like that. Reading that is a waste of time. It just gives me another proof that reading romances is a bad idea. As the manga artist I would be ashamed to give my name dor such a bad project.

My opinion: 1/10.

South Korea

Gung by So-hee Park

Gung cover궁(宮) often transcripted as Goong is a story of a teenage romance between royalty and a commoner. It’s set in the alternative reality where the Korea (there is no North and South) is a constitutional monarchy.

It was very popular in South Korea, there was even a drama (TV series) based on it.

Despite the popularity of it, I don’t think it’s really good. Read once and forget, unless you’re a masochist to read a 27-volumed comic with too forced plots and twists for a few times. The comic is too long and still the ending is disappointing, leaving really nothing solved.

My opinion:5/ 10 (just average).


Did you read any of those comics?

If yes, what do you think about them?



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