May 2014 without USA and UK

Did you ever think which country’s culture you’re most exposed to? Books? Films? TV series? Music?

If you’d have to name most popular writers, they’d be probably mostly from USA or UK.

USA and UK’s culture get the most exposure in the world. MTV thorough the world is mainly infested with USA/UK musicians/bands, those artists usually get labelled as princes/princesses/kings/queens/legends, etc. Lots of TV series shown worldwide are made in USA/UK. Did you ever think how much non-USA/UK films are distributed in cinemas in those countries? And how much films made in USA/UK are shown in your country’s cinemas? What about awards and “star” recognition?

Sometimes, much to my dismay, my own country’s (sic!) or other countries’ awards are referred as Oscar/Grammy/Emmy etc. alikes. It’s especially pitiful when Polish journalists writes to Polish audience about certain Polish awards as “Oscar-like award” etc. It’s called Eagles (Orły), btw.

I watch a lot of USA/UK TV series, films. I read a lot of USA and UK books and a lot of those writers get places in TOP 10 favourite books/writers.

I wanted to lessen the amount of USA and UK culture I’m exposed to on a daily basis. That’s why I decided to make in 2014 the following challenges: A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge and 2014 World Culture Challenge.  If you want to join, feel free.

I’m not exactly successful in that goal. I still read and watch a lot of those countries’ products. My direct reason was the re-airing the old TV series that I watched during my school days. I realised that I stopped watching most of the non-USA/UK TV shows as they get little priority in TV. And that I follow (more or less) several USA/UK TV series. Just because the majority of TV series aired in TV are from those countries.

Kinda depressing, isn’t it?

Why I’m just making a selection of countries instead (which would probably be easier) just banning the originally-in-English works? Because I’d be distancing myself from things like “Things Fall Apart” by Nigerian author, who wrote it originally in English.

So to further limit my exposure to USA/UK culture, I proclaim May 2014 to be a month without USA and UK culture. No films, music, books, etc. I’ll notify you through May about my struggles. Will you join my action?  Will you try to discover the richness of world’s culture?

Have a nice time! Enjoy the challenge!


2 thoughts on “May 2014 without USA and UK”

  1. I will not join your struggle, however I will applaud your struggle. It must be very annoying to live in one country and see the culture of other countries be the dominate influence, in whatever way that may occur. I imagine the creators in those countries, in your country, feel especially annoyed to have to compete for attention not only within their own borders but without too.

    Look forward to seeing what you choose to read/watch in May.

  2. Why not? 😉

    I don’t know how they feel, tho I see a lot of TV shows/series are licensed. It kinda feels… unoriginal. On the other hand, a TV series about one of Polish famous singers, Anna German, which was aired in Polish TV was made in Russia. 😉

    I wouldn’t mind USA/UK products if I had more selection. And if I hadn’t been bombarded with the marketing of another cult programme/book etc. I wish we had requirements of Polish/European productions in TV. It’s good that at least we have a regulation that some percent of Polish (in Polish) songs must be played by radio.

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