Operacja Reszka

Some time ago, I was writing about various ways to watch theatre plays at home. One of them was Polish Teatr Telewizji (TV Theatre) which every week shows a play.

Operacja “Reszka”

I watched one of the plays. It was called “Operacja Reszka” (Operation ‘Tails’).  It had its première in 2010, but better late than never.

Operacja Reszka


It’s based on the true story of Piotr Jegliński (2nd from right), a man who as a student in 70s started to act in the opposition of PRL (People’s Republic of Poland).  During those times Poland was under the Soviet Union’s rule so fighting against or criticising “Polish” government could give you a sentence. Fighting against – like in the Piotr Jegliński’s case – could be even publishing what wasn’t liked by the government – “banned literature”, “real” history (not filtered by government’s lies) or politics. Piotr Jegliński, who lived on emigration in Paris, had couriers who distributed those “illegal materials” to Poland.

PRL agents, of course, wanted to catch him. They made themselves a mole, Kazimierz (2nd from left), who was one of Piotr’s couriers. But then in France, where Kazimierz finally came, suspected already of being a mole, French agents started acting.

My opinion

It was a very interesting play. It gave more “personal” point of view to the things I knew only from history lessons.  It was good, but giving an exact score is kind difficult for me.

I think that I’ll be more often watching Teatr Telewizji. If I only won’t forget about it. 😉

Did you watch a play in Teatr Telewizji? Did you enjoy it? Did you watch Operation “Reszka”? What do you think about it?


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