What’s in a Name 2014 list

Some time ago I wrote about a challenge my Indonesian friend, Ren, held. It was “What’s in a Name Reading Challenge 2014” challenge. A challenge to read books with the title using the name of a character.

I decided to go for the lowest level of it – which was 3 to 5 books. And now I see I made a good decision. It was hard for me during those 3 months when it lasted read more books fulfilling the requirements. I joined too many challenges.

The list for the “What’s in a Name Reading Challenge 2014”:

  1. Zaremba, or the Love and the Rule of Law by Michelle Granas. A romance & politics mix in modern Warsaw. Read in February 2014.
  2. Adam Kłakocki and His Shadows by Ihar Babkou. A mix of dreams and reality in Belarus. Read in February 2014.
  3. Z Elwirą u wód by Miroslav Kapek. A satire on Czechs set mainly in one of the sanatoriums. Elwira is the main character’s fiancée. A very funny book and greatly written. Read in March 2014.
  4. Minehava for the Second Time by Josef Nesvadba. Plots of his short stories revolves about psychiatry and machines influencing emotions. “Minehava” is a character from a book by Eduard Štorch, and became a nickname for one of the patients in those stories. Very good book, not only for the fans of science fiction. Read in March 2014.

See Ren’s website (in Indonesian) to read details on the “What’s in a Name Reading Challenge 2014” and see other participants books.


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