New in My Collections (1)

Not so long ago I bought a new book and a new film on DVD. Both things with “special” prices.

New Book

Asian - Williams-Sonoma coverWilliams-Sonoma Collection: Asian

Hardcover, 119 pages

ISBN: 0-7432-5333-7


A set of 40 dishes from following Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. There is also an extra about basic Asian cooking and glossary of ingredients.

What do you think of this book (if you read it)?

New Film

Vinci a film by Juliusz MachulskiTitle: Vinci

Director: Juliusz Machulski

Original language: Polish

Published: 2004

Vinci is a comedy/drama film with the major theme of stealing The Lady with the Ermine painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, on its way back to Poland.

I haven’t watch it yet, so in the future you can probably expect a review. 😉

Did you watch the Vinci film? What do you think about it?


2 thoughts on “New in My Collections (1)”

    1. I’m happy to take the blame! 🙂 So did you eat dumplings? i love dumplings too. We have a lot of dumpling types (called “pierogi”) in Poland. With fresh fruits in summer season and topped with sour cream, or with vegetables, or meat or a mix of it, or with a white cheese. Lots of lots of dumplings. A lot of places with Polish cuisine serve them, and there are restaurants which specialise with dumplings too. Sounds yummy? We’ve got a nice and kicking SF/Fantasy market. ^^ Nice conventions to come for… Tho you missed Pyrkon (March), Polcon is still manageable (September). Tempted? 😉

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