World Culture Challenge March

The region for the the second part of the 2014 World Culture Challenge  is Europe.

March & April 2014 rules

  1. The author/director/artist etc. should be from Europe. If you’re from Europe, learn about other countries. Your own country was a theme for the January and February 2014 World Culture Challenge , which you can still join and do.
  2. You have to participate in any 2 of these activities that are related to the bimonthly topic:
    • read a book, watch a film or theatre play related to the topic of borders in Europe, be it in long time to the past or in more recent years. It doesn’t have to be about current Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. If you want some suggestions: it can be about the  Schengen Area of the European Union, about the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (dissolute in 1992) or the Yalta Conference that decided the borders in Europe after the Second World War. It doesn’t have to be non-fiction, history or politics related. You can read or watch something fictional (like the Nothing to Declare comedy film about the custom officers of France and Belgium just before the border between those countries ceased to exist as a part of the Schengen Area) or culture or psychology related, or about a languages influences, etc. The major theme is the border and it influencing the lives of people. The politics has a strong impact on the culture and life of people, that’s why I decided to pick up this theme.
    • try a European food or dish you haven’t eaten yet. You don’t have to cook it.
    • go for an exhibition related to a European country (other than your own if you’re from Europe). You can also go on a online tour if there’s no Europe-related exhibition in your town. Some museums have online tours around them, just choose one that is somehow related to Europe. Warsaw Royal Castle has a virtual tour through it, tho I recommend reading a bit along it, as it has the tour only without any info.
    • learn to sing (even badly) a traditional song from one of European countries.
  3. Write a post recommending a European author/book, singer/band/orchestra or other artists. Write also why do you think others should check out this person/these people. Try choosing something that might be available from abroad.
  4. Have fun! 😉

Link back to this post if you want to share with others what you did. 🙂


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