Currently reading (11 march 2014)

Currently I’m reading:

Polish cover of Josef Nesvadba's Minehava for the Second TimeJosef Nesvadba‘s Drugie wcielenie Minehawy a Polish translation of Minehava podruhé. In English it’s known as Minehava for the Second Time.

Josef Nesvadba (1926-2005) was Czech writer and… psychiatrist. He’s one of the most important Czech science-fiction writers tho it’s not the only genre he was writing.

The three stories (currently reading second) are called by authors as psychofiction genre. The heroes are two psychiatrists and their patients. And machines, that can influence emotions and people’s minds.

The “Minehava for the Second Time” story reminded me so much of Abe Kobo’s “Inter Ice Age 4” which is a good thing, as Kobo’s book is one of my favourites.

So I continue to have a good time reading Josef Nesvadba’s stories. You’ll probably hear about him again, as I’ll be reading (already borrowed from library) an anthology of Czech and Slovak sf stories, where there is another one of Nesvadba’s stories.

From what I know, some of Nesvadba’s stories were also translated into English. If you want to read his works, you’d better check the library or shops with old books.

What are you currently reading?


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