Favourite Time with Hebe Tien

Soon after hearing Hebe Tien’s Insignificance video, and later the Insignificance album, this Taiwanese singer became one of my favourites. I see, a lot of my readers also like her songs, so I’d like share – and chat with you – about our favourite songs. Interested?

Insignificance would be a number one for me. Not only because this is the first her song I ever heard. Not only because she’s inspired by Polish poet Wisława Szymborska and Hebe even took effort to recite one of her poems in Polish in the video. Not only because it was filmed in Iceland, which I plan to visit one day… For every of these reasons and much more. But that’s why I’ll exclude this song and video to present 5 more songs and videos of Hebe Tien I like. Actually, it’s really hard to choose only 5. I would probably choose all, if I could. 😀

The order is chronological based on the album date.

To Hebe, 1st album, 2010

寂寞寂寞就好 (It’s OK to be lonely / Leave Me Alone)

So far, with just relying on English translations of lyrics, I can tell I like her lyrics.

To Hebe

That is a funny video that makes me smile. Good for a mood improvement.

My Love, 2nd album, 2011


還是要幸福 (Still in Happiness / Must Be Happy)

I was charmed by this music video… and the Little Mermaid.

魔鬼中的天使 (Angel Devil / Angel Among the Devils)
That is a… strange video… Oh those poor books. The fall must have hurt.

渺小 (Insignificance), 3rd album, 2013

你快樂未必我快樂 (You Better Not Think About Me)

The text that is appearing in the video besides the lyric is interesting too.

These are my five favourite (?) songs/music videos by Hebe Tien. Six, if you add Insignificance. Do you like them? What about you? What’s your favourite songs of Hebe Tien?


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