Haker review

Haker is a Polish film by Janusz Zaorski, a well-known (in Poland) Polish director. The film is labelled as a comedy thriller. I watched it for the World Culture Challenge, January-February 2014, as a film set in Poland.

Haker posterHaker

Original title: Haker

Director: Janusz Zaorski

Country: Poland

Year: 2002

Time: 87 minutes


Two friends – one shy but computer genius (known as “McFly”) and the other – womaniser and a fan of Nicholas Cage (“Turbo”) are mates from school and hacking friends. McFly is in love with Laura but since he’s very shy, he needs help. Turbo will help him to get them together, if they’ll do some hacking together. They have a bet – to see if Laura is just interested in money or no. Their hacking gets them into trouble… with a gangster…

My opinion

If it weren’t for the challenge, I’d stop watching it few times. It’s bad from the beginning – when the two friends speak words they type which are clearly seen on their monitors. Ummm… Hello, Mr. Obvious?

The plot later on isn’t any better. The obviousness of it isn’t the worst, the falseness is. The problems with computers, with websites, etc. were bugging me while I was watching it. Something always felt wrong.  The few ending minutes (in USA) were really pitiful.

There were good actors – playing the secondary roles. I especially liked Bogusław Linda’s role as an average guy troubled by his similarity to the famous action films actor Bogusław Linda.

When I saw in the opening credits Marek Kościkiewicz (from De Mono) was responsible for music in this film, I was happy.  I remembered the great music in 1997 film “Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku” (Happy New York) which I still sometimes listen to. The music is a mix of Polish and foreign artists (e.g. Moloko). Some of the music in Haker, wasn’t bad but I don’t want to remember the Polish songs.

My opinion: 2/10. Watch only if you’re really bored. I wasn’t moved by the film’s humour (it failed as a comedy for me) nor I wasn’t thrilled – the way it ends is quite obvious.


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