Sejuta Cinta 2 review

For all those who like romantic songs, for those who don’t (like me), for those who think that there is a time for romance everyday and not just forced on the awful Valentine’s Day… for all of you, a review of Indonesian compilation of love songs.

If you’d like to read something while listening to romantic songs, I recommend reading The Literary Origins of Valentine’s Day which will show you that 14 February isn’t the only possible date for this holiday.

Continue to read the long post and watch some music videos.

Sejuta Cinta Vol. 2

Album Information

Despite the title (“Million Loves”) it’s a set of 3 CD with 51 songs only. Every artist (band) has from 1 to 3 songs in this compilation. There are 25 artists (or bands) in total, performing variously styled songs about love. This CD is from 2011.

My Opinion

I wanted to buy a compilation album of Indonesian bands to learn about popular bands. I was very hesitant because I’m not the romantic type, and I’m fed up with always singing about love.  There are other problems around, and the world is not revolving about love, sex and breaking up. I hope you can understand my dilemma. A price* (60.000 IDR for 3 CDs, when a single CD could cost over 30.000) was an important factor that helped me choose this album.

And I’m HAPPY I got this compilation. The songs are really good, and I’m always forgetting it’s 51 songs about love and just enjoy it. I can (and did) listen to this album for days. I like all of the songs and artists, I think. I couldn’t name out of my head a song or artist that I dislike. A rare situation with compilation albums. Especially those of different artists.

My opinion: 10/10.

*Despite popular belief, not every European living in Indonesia (Asia) is rich, and we have to be very picky about price. It’s very hard in a country (countries) where local people think we’re sleeping on cash. Some of us do, just like some Indonesians (Asians) who are rich. 😉


I recommend listening to some of the songs I selected from the album. Name of artist (band) first, then song title.

Cinta Laura – Guardian Angel

The only song of Cinta Laura in this album. Song no. 4 on CD 1.

Padi – Menanti Sebuah Jawaban

Rachmi recommended me Padi some time ago. But having a bad memory for names (and faces, ekhm…), I forgot I’ve already heard 3 of their songs on this album. Thanks. ^^ This one is track no. 10 on CD 2.

Yovie & Nuno – Janji Suci

Yovie & Nuno are probably my favourite band from this compilation album. I really like all their 3 songs. I even remembered their name. 😉 This one is song no. 3 on CD 1.

Anggun – Jadi Milikmu (Crazy)

This upbeat song making me laugh is her only song in this album. It’s second track on CD 1.

Astrid – Tak 100%

One of Astrid’s songs. I like the song enough to put it, even with just lyric video. Actually Astrid & Yovie collaborated on this single. Btw, “tak” in Polish means “yes”, in Indonesian – “no”. 😉 Song no. 15 on CD 1.

Nina – Ya… Ya… Ya… (Aku Bahagia)

A happy song, with a very positive title (Yes… Yes… Yes… I’m Happy) unlike the one above. Track no. 5 on CD 2.

Sheila on 7 – Berhenti Berharap

Sheila on 7 was the only band’s name that felt familiar before I bought this CD. They have 3 songs in this album, this one is the very last song on CD 3. I hope you won’t mind the not-so-good quality of video.

There are more good songs on CD 3, it was just a chance I chose more from first and second CD.

How do you like those songs? Which songs are your favourites?


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