The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience is over

The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience posterMy first finished challenge (that is not a challenge). Finished, because the time was up. I assure you, it won’t be just a post with lists of what I’ve seen.

Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings made a (not)challenge promoting SF – in books, or films. The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience lasted from December 2013 to the end of January 2014. It’s not the first time he hosted that, and won’t probably be the last (?). I’m gonna sign up for the next edition as well.

Why? Read on.

Me & the challenge

When I usually give out my favourite genres, it’s SF/fantasy. Even though I rarely read sf books/watch films. Most often I read Asian comics or watch anime from the SF genre.  I don’t read SF too often, perhaps my requirements are too high. And I have a habit to come back to my favourite SF books time after time (see “The Dune” by Herbert, but not the whole series). But this (not) challenge took a part in motivating me to pay attention to this genre.

So, below see the full list of my challenge. If you’d like to see more science-fiction related things in the future, just use the science fiction tag on the right.


I decided to leave out “Hard to be a God” by Strugatsky brothers which I read in January 2014. It’s sf, but I’ve read it as a graded reader in Russian. I plan to read the full version in the future, and review it then. I can recommend it, not only to those reading old sf.


  • Men in Black I & II. I watched it again, when I was sick, even tho I know it by heart now. It never fail to make me laugh, even tho I’m fed up of the aliens always attacking USA.
  • The One. A film that uses SF just as a background for fights.
  • Wonderful Days (Blue Sky). A South Korean anime film I watched with my friend for the New Year’s Eve party. Quite bloody for the story with strong pro-ecological topic, so don’t watch it around children. Like we did. 😉

It isn’t too much, is it?  Just four stories and for films. But it’s more than in the previous months. I still have some things up my sleeve, for a later time.

The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience results

All the reviews people made for Carl’s challenge (mine included) were put on the 2014 Sci-Fi Experience reviews site.  172 posts by a bunch of people. I haven’t read them all. I wonder if anyone did. Carl?

What I gained by taking the 2014 Sci-Fi Experience?

  • New friends (am I audacious?).
  • New blogs to follow by people who read/watch the same genres (and books/films) as me.
  • New suggestions on what to read/watch.
  • Interesting discussions.
  • An impulse to read/watch something from science fiction genre. Yup, that sometimes help, when I have too many things to choose from.
  • A push out to write reviews.

There was one thing I lacked, but maybe I’ve just didn’t pay attention. SF music. So you can be sure, I’ll write about it one day.  Or maybe you have some suggestion on music that’s all about… science fiction, one way or another?


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