Some time ago, I started writing down lists for the books I’ve read, films I watched, etc.  You can see them all at 2014 lists.

Not everything gets in that lists. No things I’m currently reading or watching. It’s hard to pay attention to all those things. Especially in the music. If you will check the lists, you’ll see no music. I often listen to the same things for months, or a mix so varied that it’s a waste of time to list everything.

The lists aren’t complete, I see that more visible with every read book/comics. it’s just that some things, I’m just reading for my enjoyment, and don’t want to share it online.

How much you share online with others? Do you share all your books/films etc. or are you selective?


6 thoughts on “Lists”

  1. I’m selective to a small degree of what I share on my blog, though more often than not I am not doing so with any particular agenda. For example, I may see a film with every intent of reviewing it and then not get around to doing so, even if I enjoyed it.

    Some things I don’t share about on my blog just because it isn’t the proper forum to do so. I read the Bible, not every day, though I try to do so. I don’t really post about it because I don’t see the tie in with what I promote on my blog. I watch a lot of television, particularly British television, through online streaming services and don’t often write about it..though I do usually share it in some short message in the weekly movie/tv/gaming post at the Science Fiction Book Club I belong to.

    In the end I think the more we share the more chances we have of someone saying, “Well if you liked that, try this.” I have discovered many great books, albums, films and television shows that way.

    1. I know this “I wanna review it” feeling, and then the reality is… there is no review at all. Because I watch/read too many things to review every little bit of it. Or because I have a “hot topic” or something bugging me to write about it.
      To counter it sometimes I do the review of few things at the same time. Like the SF films, or Lem stories. I plan in the future to do the “versus” reviews – f.ex. book & film, etc.

      1. I enjoy books vs. films posts, look forward to that. I’ve occasionally done that with short stories and films based on them, mostly for Philip K. Dick stories.

        1. You won’t get a lot of books vs films reviews as I’m not often watching adaptations of books I read. Except “The Dune”. Hmmm… Yes, I’d like to watch and read it again. You tempting me again. 😀

          Usually (still rare) it’s film/series before book. I’ve read Tolkien lots of times, but never saw films.

          I started watching the new Dracula, stopped at 4 episode, read the Dracula book, and maybe finally I’ll watch it until the end of 1st season. Gods know when. But it’s still the safest bet for the “book vs film” review.

          Faster “vs” probably will be “The Journey to the West” book & manga comparison.

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