February challenges

January is over, it flew so fast. Especially last days, I didn’t notice when it ended. Maybe because I was too busy lately.

February means some changes in my challenges.

First, with the end of January, The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience is finished. It was (not) a challenge that promoted all things SF. Books, films, etc. I’ll soon write a post summing it up, tho I think I reviewed most things by now.

A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge – February 2014

February means… another challenge for the A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge. The topic this month is NEIGHBOURS. You should read books written by the writers from neighbouring countries. If your country is like Japan, with no land borders, pick up the writers from the closest countries.

The February 2014 obligatory books:

  • A non-fiction book related to the neighbouring country (written by a person from that country)
  • A fiction book set in the neighbouring country (written by a person from that country).

The February 2014 bonus books:

  • A book (fiction or non-ficiton) written by an author from your country, about (set in) the neighbouring country.

You can still read the January 2014 books.

2014 World Culture Challenge

World Culture Challenge is about enjoying the culture from around the world. It’s not only about books, but also music, films, plays, etc.

It’s set as a bimonthly challenge, meaning you have 2 months to participate in that. January and February 2014 challenge is about discovering your own country.

I’m partly done with it.


And of course… all the other 2014 challenges, that I decided to take… and ummm… trying to work on them.

How are you doing with your February challenges? Which ones are you taking part in?


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