December 2013 SF films experience

Back in time again. This time I’ll order the science fiction films I watched in December 2013. Three out of 4 films were aired in TV when I was sick. Post obviously written for The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience.

Continue reading to see the reviews of 3 SF films from USA and a SF film from South Korea. The newest film reviewed will be from 2003, the oldest – from 1997.

Men in Black I & II

Men in Black II posterCountry: USA

Release Date: 1997 (I) and 2002 (II)

Two of three-series classic comedies about the alien invasion in USA. Well done. Lots of comedy moments and playing with stereotypes and urban legends (like Men in Black themselves). Action, romance and humour. Fun to watch despite the its-obvious-there-will-be-happy-end. Both films are good as a light entertainment. I’ve watched them countless times already.

My opinion: 7.5/10

The One

Country: USA

Release Date: 2001
The One poster
An action film using the SF setting (parallel universes). There are 125 parallel universes and the “power” of a person is shared through all the universes. Kill one, the power is distributed among others. Kill 123… and you get 2 very powerful people, fighting against each other (oneself). Of course add an USA-based organisation that controls the trips between universes. The setting is just a background for action scenes. Any chances for the plot and the SF development are killed as soon as possible. Like the “but why should we stick to 125 weak people”? Characters do some unneeded and illogical actions.

My opinion: 5/10. Watch only if you’re really bored.

Wonderful Days (Sky Blue)

Country: South Korea
Wonderful Days poster
Release Date: 2003

A Korean animated sf film set in the apocalyptic future. The people are divided into two groups – the masters, from the Ecoban city, and their slaves from Marr. The Ecoban gets all the best things possible in the polluted world. The pollution that serves as the source of energy for Ecoban. Blue sky is a forgotten view, but there is one person who wants to see it. He will fight for it.

Isolation, fight for one’s dreams, fight for power, love and other themes can be found in this film. A good and interesting story, which I recommend not only to people watching anime.

My opinion: 8.5/10.

Did you watch these films? How do you like them?


2 thoughts on “December 2013 SF films experience”

    1. Yes, I agree with MIB III. Too bad they didn’t air it then. 😉
      I liked Wonderful Days, my friend didn’t so much… So, I’m wondering about your opinion. 😀 Enjoy the film!

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