2014 Full House Reading Challenge

I’ve decided to join yet another type of reading challenge. 25 books to read based on different requirements (as seen below).


It looks quite fun, without any YA books (I tell you, I can’t read these books). Just a selection of books will be problematic, I can easily name few books that would make the whole list completed. 😀 Like “Waktu Aku Sama Mika” by Indi: my wishlist, different country, published in 2013, less than 200 pages, contemporary, author new to me and I love the cover. 😀

Of course I’ll mix some of the books I read for it with my other 2014 challenges. Ugh… The challenges are piling up like my to read list of books. 😀 But I know, I can do it.

More info on the challenge can be found at Book Date blog.


7 thoughts on “2014 Full House Reading Challenge”

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge – yes I have joined quite a few challenges too, but I am sure I can do them. And often challenges tie in so two or three challenge goals can be met by one book! Have a great 2014.

        1. Wow. you’re quick. ;D

          I have 1 read, posting review soon, and 2nd currently reading. I read few books already, but I didn’t put them into this challenge. 😀

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