January 2014 challenge

Happy New Year! I wish this year will be even better than the last one. And eventful in a good way for you. 🙂

Did you read about my 2014 reading challenge around the world? If not, there is still time for it. There is a lot of time for it, because you may join it at any point of 2014 year.

The first reading challenge will be about your own country. Because if you want to start a trip around the world, you being in your own courtyard.

Continue reading to know more about the rules for first challenge.

A to Z World Books in January 2014

Theme: your own country.

How you define your own country is up to you. It might be a country of your birth, it might be a country which citizen you are or it might be a country of your current residence (if it’s different). Whatever you choose, you have to stick to the end with it.

You choose your own books (authors and genres) based on my rules.

Obligatory tasks for January 2014

To fulfil January challenge you need to read 2 different books related to the monthly theme and following these rules:

  • One book considered “classicswhich you haven’t ever read yet. You can read a book which you previously couldn’t/didn’t finish. Date of publication is not important.
  • One book written after 1945 by a writer from your country who you haven’t read yet. So, if you’ve read (completed) even 1 book by a writer, you should look for another author.

Reading these 2 books will give you 2 points. You can read more than just 2 books (which I recommend) but you’ll still have 2 points only.

Bonus task for January 2014

  • Read a book about your country written by a foreigner.

Any bonus book you’ll read will give you 1 point.


I’m from Poland, so I can choose:

For 1st task: “Lalka” (The Doll) by Bolesław Prus (published in volume in 1890), which is a book read at school (usually) but I couldn’t finish it at that time. I could also choose “Zły” (Evil) by Leopold Tyrmand, which was published in 1955. The authors were Polish.

For 2nd task: A book by Witold Jabłoński (mainly fantasy) or by Dorota Masłowska (social fiction) etc. I still haven’t read any book from these Polish authors.

For bonus task: I could choose one of Norman Davies’ historical books about Poland, or Michelle Granas’ fiction “Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law“. Davies’ books are translated into Polish, Granas’ book is written in English, the action is set in Warsaw.


Enjoy reading!


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