Detective Conan’s first film review

Detective Conan (Japanese: 名探偵 コナン) is a manga and anime detective series by Japanese author Gosho Aoyama. The story about genius teenage detective (Shinichi Kudo) shrinking into an elementary-school-pupil (Edogawa Conan) goes for over 20 years in Japan. When it will end, only the author knows.

Continue reading to see the review of the first Detective Conan’s film – A Time Bombed Skyscraper.

Detective Conan: A Time Bombed Skyscraper

名探偵コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼Original title: 名探偵コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼

Country: Japan
Year of release: 1997

Type: cinema film
Genre: crime/detective story


Plot of the series: Shinichi Kudo was targeted by the Black Organization to be killed. He was given a poison which actually turned him into his younger self. He hid the truth of being Shinichi to not put his family and friends in danger.  So Ran doesn’t know Conan is in reality Shinichi and thinks he’s away somewhere solving the cases. But Conan lives with her and her Dad (Mori Kogoro), a police detective solving the crimes only when being impersonated by Conan after being put to sleep by him.

Soon, Shinichi has a birthday, and his childhood friend and girlfriend wants to go on a date to celebrate it. But before that… Conan, Ran and her father go to a party of famous architect.The day before the birthday somebody started targeting the architect’s building. Including the skyscraper where Ran and Shinichi’s date is supposed to be. Conan has to hurry and save Ran.


In the beginning of the film, if somebody is unfamiliar with the series plot, the series’ background is explained. This kind of introduction is necessary for the film when watched by people who don’t know the Detective Conan’s story. It made it a bit like a long TV episode.

In the past I’ve been reading and watching Conan a bit. I still have some kind of sentiment, but the original story is too long for me to follow. I generally dislike long series. A film is better – the plot is closed quite soon.

What did I think of the Detective Conan: A Time Bomber Skyscraper? It was too long and too obvious. If you pay attention to the plot, you know much earlier than Conan (genius detective!) who is the culprit and why.  Watching this I was wondering why I like Detective Conan. It’s not a great film, nor good one. It’s ok. The fun parts were mostly related to Conan/Shinichi trying to get out of the date. If you like light films with happy endings, all the more not too bloody to be watched by family with elementary school children, this film is ok.

Rating: 5/10.

What do you think of the Detective Conan: A Time Bombed Skyscraper? Did you like it?

Below is the ending song Happy Birthday by Kyoko with scenes from the film.


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