Currently listening (21.12.2013)

I usually listen to a set of music for a few days or few weeks, depending on my mood. For the last few days I’m listening to a mix of Indonesian and Japanese music. Actually it’s just a musician and a band. Indonesian (male) singer Chrisye and a band from Japan (all male too) called BUCK-TICK.

Continue reading to see music videos of Chrisye and BUCK-TICK and learn which songs I’m listening to.


My favourite Indonesian singer. He was on the stage for almost 50 years, until the death (cancer) came to get him. Too early…

I’m listening to a selection of songs, not just one album. One of the songs I listen to is Pergilah kasih.


Japanese band almost as old as me and still playing. 30 years on stage already. Their music changes with time, but time after time I’m still enchanted. This is one of the very few bands that I may buy AN Y their CD and like the music on it. I first heard about them when watching vampire detective anime called Nightwalker. Their song, Gessekai, was an opening theme.

I’m currently listening to album CATALOGUE 1987-1995. I have the CD from 1995, later in 2007 version another song “Candy” was added.

One of the songs on this album is 悪の花 (aku no hana).

How do you like Chrisye and BUCK-TICK? Did you know them earlier? Are you a fan of any of them? Which songs do you like the most? Share your opinion with me (and others) in the comments.


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