Bulgarian music videos

In comments to my post about listening to former Yugoslavia musicians I got some suggestions on Bulgarian musicians from Daniel Berakov. I got to play  some videos on the channels and while I liked the music and songs I was disgusted with the videos.

Yes, the videos themselves. The videos are full of sex (and especially half-naked ladies are doing “sexy” poses) and cheap “see how rich I am”. Not one video, not one artist. Many of them. For me it’s disgusting. The “I’m so rich” just makes me wanna laugh. And I can’t stand it’s 99% of time the ladies half-naked and selling sex. And if the lady is not half-naked, it doesn’t get much better either.

Continue reading to see the examples.

I got to like the music from other Balkan countries (well, the former Yugoslavia ones). After seeing those videos Bulgarian music is less interesting for me. Just a radio with Bulgarian songs would be better for me to get to know and like Bulgarians music.

Here are the examples:

Wow, I’m so rich. At least she’s not wearing 15cm heels. Tho she behaves like a plaything for her macho man.

Tedi Aleksandrova & Jamaikata – KISS ME BABY or “a Plaything and a Beast”.

Seriously, lady, having an underwear as clothing in the club? Looking at you compared with your partner makes me wanna laugh. Did you notice his macho moves (shaking hands over his head) and her shaking rather her ass and stroking her body around her breasts and …um… waist?

Nadya Kazakova in “Hora Kato Vas”, makes me feel like puking whenever I see her around bike. I like biking, I really do, but it has nothing to do with the likes of her.

Plot? Cheap plots, like the “richness”. And the guns? Oh, I see, he’s a macho man. All those tats, biting ladies, cheating and handling guns. Go, go! Bleeeh.

Even if a lady is being violated, it’s still filmed in a sexual manner. Her moves or poses, that is. Like Galena in “Day mi”.

At least some male naked skin. Wow.

Another macho-looking man. But this time, he at least do some sexy poses. Just notice the difference between the way he’s dressed and the lady.

Can it be better?

Although the guy sounds like whining to his mother “My heart is hurting” (that’s called an adult man?) it’s fun to see the folk dance:

Definitely folk videos are much better and pleasing to see.

tho you might notice they’re done similarly. 😉

Is there any well made music video from Bulgaria that doesn’t show off sex, luxury and it doesn’t have a stupid plot with a sexy lady and a macho man? And not that of people dancing folk dance in an open field. 😉

I’m not saying that the music is bad. No, I like some of it. But I can’t stand the music videos. The same way I dislike USA-made music video with the same things. Macho men and playthings, even when coated with gold, are not my things. Really.

It’s a Russian example but, I like this video. It has a plot, a funny story and it’s not selling sex. I’d like to see more music videos like this. No matter the country.

Some people might be surprised to see “modern European” being disgusted with sex and aggression. Yes, I am. And I dislike that these things are selling things.  I’d prefer those ladies to have more dignity than to be just a plaything for men, selling their bodies. After all sexiness got nothing to do with bare body and clothes that are too scarce.

What do you think of those videos? And what do you think of the music?


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