My Music Selection for November 2013

I’ve wrote earlier What I Read in November 2013, What I Watched in November 2013 so now is the post about what I listened to in November 2013.

If you follow my blog, you know that I was writing about music from former Yugoslavia. These songs dominated my playlist for the entire month. Really! I don’t need to add that I loved the music, right? 😉

What else? Continue reading to see my other selections for a music.


I’ve listened to  some of the Bulgarian music, which Daniel Berakov suggested to me in comments to the former Yugoslavia post. I’ll suggest after him these Youtube channels full of Bulgarian music: Diaspon Records and Planeta Official. The music is catchy, tho for me it’s not as enchanting as the one I’ve been listening to earlier. Maybe also because I have some issues with Bulgarian music videos. Aaargh, I’ll write about it one day.

I can partly understand what they’re singing about because of the similarities between languages in one family (tho different groups) and the fact I’ve learned Russian in the past. I value good lyrics a lot.


Hebe Tien - insignificance CD coverI’ve written about a new song by Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien – Insignificance. I’ve listened to it because the song is inspired by a poem by Polish poet Wisława Szymborska. I liked the song so I decided to check out other songs from her Insignificance album. I’m enchanted again. Although I don’t understand what she sings about, I like her voice and the songs. Dreamy melodies (sometimes bit stronger) with a dreamy voice. It won’t disturb a romantic date and is good for a music to listen to before sleep. When possible, it’ll be on my “to buy” list. I already know, I’ll look at her earlier solo albums and the girl band S.H.E which member she is. She’s the first Mandarin-language-singer that enchanted me.


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