I’ve watched in November 2013

I haven’t watched even one film in November, all I’ve watched were TV series. Some of the series I have watched completely, some I’m still watching in TV every week or so. A short review is accompanying the list.

List of TV series I watched in November 2013

I’ve finished watching in November 2013:

  • Star Gate Universe – one of the StarGate franchise TV series, which is one of my favourite SF series. Bastards discontinued it after 2nd season. Ok, some plots were unnecessary but this was a great series. I’m biased, I loved Nicholas Rush’s Machiavellian character. (I prefer the characters to be more on the evil side or ambiguous at least). He was the star of the series! I also like an arc of Camille Wray, a major character in the show and, first openly homosexual character in the SG universe. Too bad in the global world they decide on (dis)continuing the show based on some numbers in one specific TV channel in one specific country. Especially that SG had a lot of fans around the world. For years. ><
  • City Hunter – a South Korean action drama, loosely based on Japanese manga City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. I did a full review of City Hunter earlier. I’d recommend it to those who like lots of action or political intrigues in TV series.

I was watching in November 2013:

  • The Blacklist (2013) – a procedural TV series focused on a villain helping FBI catch the bad guys. James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington (the main villain) is great! Every week (so far) I can’t wait to see the next episode. if it sounds interesting, try reading my first review of The Blacklist (the 1st season is not even finished yet) and enjoy watching it.
  • Dracula – a new (October 2013) TV series loosely based on the classical story of Dracula by Bram Stoker. I have mixed feelings about this series. No, not because of completely changing the story, and just using familiar characters (tho their roles may have been changed as well). I guess some of the expectations were because of a review I’ve read. Well, it’s still a not bad series, if you like vampires and don’t mind alternative technology 19th century world, then it’s something for you.  I’m not in hurry to watch more than 4 episodes. In fact, I might not watch it completely at all.
  • Murder, She Wrote is a classical crime TV series from USA. Every episode is a stand-alone story, where J.B. Fletcher, an old lady and a best-selling author of crime stories solves (officially: help police to solve) mysterious murders. All murders strangely happen when she’s around or she’s somehow related to the suspect or the deceased. It’s a relaxing, soft crime story for the family to watch together on a lazy weekend day. A nice thing to watch if you like the old-style stories where deduction skills are more important than the new technology (like the CSI series). Interested? Read more about Murder, She Wrote (tho not a review).
  • Castle is another crime TV series from USA. The main hero is Richard Castle, a big rich child, who happens to be working with New York police detectives to get inspirations for his books. His partner is a charming and beautiful detective Kate Beckett, his fan in closet. 😉 The characters are the strongest point of this series. It’s more violent than Murder, She Wrote, but they don’t usually use the so-advanced-CSI-technology, instead they use whiteboard to find links between people and events. It doesn’t glue me to the TV, but it’s a decent series. I wrote earlier about Castle, check it out and decide if this series is for you.

Did you watch any of the series? What do you think about it? Or would you rather recommend me another TV series?


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